About me

Skilled Cloud architect with broad IT knowhow and saab enthusiast by heart. Inherited an saab 96 V4 from '67 as my first car from my grandfather in 2004 and bought multiple classic 900's in the years after.

Today, the 96v4 is still parked safely in the garage with the Saabo next to it. Please visit saabo.dk for more details about the saabo 

  • Navn: Anders Thorning Andersen
  • Nickname: Speedy
  • Living in the Copenhagen region in Denmark
  • 12 years younger than my first car
  • Building electronics and mechanical engineering whenever time allows.....

A few saabster events was held in Denmark from 2007 to 2012 in Roskilde center, pictures available here 

Saab, iconic to many, lived by a selected few....

All sorts of odd statistics about me

Itaque primos congressus copulationesque et consuetudinum instituendarum voluntates fieri propter voluptatem; Non enim, si omnia non sequebatur, idcirco non erat ortus illinc. Quare obscurentur etiam haec, quae secundum naturam ess.


saab events conducted from 2007-2012 with more than 3.500 visitors


big victory becoming a father to the most lovely daugther Freja in 2017

21,2 km

ran the Taulov half marathon year 2000 in 1:36:12


locations visited ranging from North Cape to Johannesburg in South Africa

Priser og anerkendelser

April 14, 2017

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Juni 16, 2016

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Marts 10, 2018

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Distance - 10 km

Tidspunkt: 01:21:44

Januar 21, 2018

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Distance - 10 km

Tidspunkt: 01:21:44